Our tribute fund service helps you to express your feelings and keep treasured memories of your loved one.

It can also help family & friends to come together, supporting each other.

You can create your tribute site here and we hope it helps you to commemorate & remember.
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In partnership with MuchLoved
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About Spinal Research

I have found MuchLoved.com to be a wonderful, inspirational website. I was extremely moved when i found this website and have personally gained comfort from being able to put together a tribute for my beautiful son Adam in this way
I never dreamed that there was a place like this. You have made this site so user friendly and it has helped me to focus on something positive over the last few days so thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your help.

Thank you for supporting In Memory of a loved one

Nancy Marshall Tribute Fund
A Fund offers family, friends & colleagues a positive way to remember a loved one:

”When mum died, I asked people to donate to Spinal Research instead of buying flowers. As we stood round Mum’s grave after the funeral, with its modest display of blooms, we all knew that we had put the money to a much better use.”
Tony Marshall – Nancy Marshall Tribute Fund

Help us beat paralysis

Every eight hours someone learns that they will never walk again. Since we were established in 1980, Spinal Research has been funding ground breaking research across the world with the sole purpose of ending the permanence of paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.